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Oil Refinery, Russia

Right after the manual cleaning session the steam production is about 18t/h, then after 2-3 weeks decreasing to 11-12 t/h.

Vänersborg, Sweden

In 2011, Vattenfall Vänersborg installed 2 pcs of 15MW boilers (bio-oil) supplied by Compab in cooperation with Robert Bosch A/S.

Hasselager, Denmark

The problematic fuel meant that the boiler needed to be cleaned manually for every 14 days of operation

MV Höegh Trident, Denmark

Application: MV Höegh Trident Economizer

Grästorp, Sweden

Mechanical cleaning was necessary several times per month – the pipes were not kept clean.

E.ON, Sweden

Before the boiler had to be cleaned every 6. week. The flue gas temperature was on a clean boiler 210°C

MV Split, Croatia

The boiler had to be stopped for cleaning every 700-1000 hours of work, depending on the duration of the voyage.

Orlén Refinery, Lithuania

Orlen Lietuva Refinery has two boilers which are losing a considerable amount of heat due to catalyst dust build-up in the tubes