Aerovit SC-Jet

Shower Cleaning

How Aerovit SC-Jet Shower Cleaning works

Advantages of Aerovit SC-Jet Shower Cleaning:

  • Increased boiler efficiency 3-5%
  • Reduction of flue gas temperature at the radiation boiler outlet with 50-80˚C
  • Water jets that sprays more than 5 meters
  • Minimum inlets through the boiler roof

SC-Jet Mobile unit

Would you be interested in trying the Aerovit SC-Jet system we also produce a mobile unit on wheels that can controlled manually. Then you can easily try the benefits of the cleaning nozzle that sprays the water more than 5m. With a minimum of inlets, you can still keep the boiler clean.

If you are interested feel free to contact us and we will help you

For projecting the fullautomatic SC-Jet system we would need to acquire descriptions, drawings, measurements and photos. Then we will prepare a project proposal for you which, subject to approval, will form the basis for the final structural drawings. On the basis of this, we manufacture the actual system that fits your boiler with a minimum of inlets but with the maximum effect.

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