Aerovit soot blower


The Aerovit soot blower is a system for keeping boilers clean with PLC/Timer controlled shock waves.

The system operates on pure compressed air ensuring a continuous cleaning of biomass boilers,
economizers, heat exchangers, marine boilers, catalyst elements etc.

In a fraction of a second 450 liters of air under high pressure is blown through the special Aerovit valve.

This generates a very powerful pressure blow that is led into the boiler construction. The blow eliminates

sediments in boiler tubes and boiler compartments in the area in front of the system.

We deliver the Aerovit soot blower system with a patented cooling system that ensures functionality at high temperatures and at a corrosive environment. The system is furthermore delivered with a patented technique

that efficiently reduces the sound level to approx. 80 dBA.

The Aerovit soot blower system has an international patent.

Advantages of Aerovit soot blower:
  • Payback time in 3-24 month
  • Proven higher efficiency and boiler output
  • Reduce manual cleaning and thus boiler shutdowns
  • Reduce fuel consumption per produced MW
  • Lower CO2 emission
  • Robust design with few moving parts.

Aerovit valve
We have just developed a brand new Aerovit valve unit where the cooling system and
soundproofing is integrated. This makes the valve more compact and less vulnerable then earlier.

In general, there are no limits to the size of the Aerovit soot blower system, as the number of
blast valves, the supply of compressed air and the PLC control can be customized to all operating

The system can be integrated onto both new and existing biomass boilers, catalysts, heat
exchangers and economizers. Each Aerovit soot blower system is specially designed for each
individual application.

Based on descriptions, drawings, measurements and photos, we will prepare a project proposal
which subject to approval will form the basis for the final structural drawings. On the basis of this,
we manufacture the actual system.

The Aerovit valve is also the essential part of our recently developed soot blower system Aerovit
Type R, which is primarily developed for keeping water tube economizers clean.

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